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    Victoria, BC – Norgaard Neale Camden Ltd., one of the largest locally owned and operated accounting firms in Victoria, BC, has joined Collins Barrow. Now operating as Collins Barrow Victoria Ltd., the firm is part of an expanding network of 25 independent member firms across Canada.
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    Income splitting strategies for Canadians

    The term “income splitting” refers to the transfer of taxable income from a higher-income family member to a lower-income family member to reduce the family’s overall income tax payable. The advantages of income splitting are clear: lower-income earners pay tax at a rate of 20 to 26 per cent, whereas higher-income earners may pay 47 to 54 per cent, depending on the province or territory of residence.

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    How to work outside Canada and pay taxes (or not!)

    If you are a Canadian planning to work abroad, you need to find out whether your residency will change, because if it does, it may affect your Canadian tax burden. Will you remain a Canadian resident during the period of your assignment or will you break Canadian residency? When you cease to be a Canadian resident, you normally aren’t subject to Canadian tax anymore. However, if you remain a Canadian resident during your assignment, you still have to file a Canadian tax return and will be subject to taxation on your worldwide income.

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